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Blood Collection Monitor & Mixers

Bagmixer Bio33

Bio33 is the new generation blood scale collection monitor and mixer designed for high reproducible results of blood collection to meet the demands of today’s blood centres.
Bio33 has easy programming capability and live monitoring of the collection’s step through the LCD display, which makes a single person able to operate with several scale/mixers simultaneously. Automatic Collection process also means that blood collections are high quality and standardised.
Bio33 keeps the operator informed showing collection data constantly: time, flow, collected volume and target volume without any keyboard use or collection standby.
Bio33 monitors with its microcontroller each collection procedure’s step; blood flow is immediately blocked with a visible and sonorous warning at end collection.
Bio33 is powered by mains adapter.

– Autocrat and software automatic calibration.

– Pause function for standby collection.

– Alphanumeric LCD display backlit to improve reability in low-light situation.

– Powered by mains adapter

– Changeable bag –pan for easy cleaning.

– Programmable flow limits in the default safe range of Fl. min.: 8-80 ml; Fl. max: 81-240 ml.

– Programmable measure unit “ g or ml ”.

– Two Pre-programmed standard volumes.

– Target volume adjustable before and during collection.

– Continuous check of blood flow limits with automatic display and sonorous warning.

– Continuous one page display with all data during collection:

Min or max flow in case of flow alarm.

Collection time

Instantaneous collection flow.

Instantaneous blood collected volume.

Pre-programmed collection volume.

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