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Blood Collection Monitor & Mixers

Biomixer BM330

BM330 is the new generation of blood scale collection monitor and mixer, offering a complete system for blood collection and data registration to meet the demands of today and in the future for total quality control and complete traceability.

BM330 has a unique programming capability which makes the blood centres free to choose their own strategy for data registration associated to blood collection and later easily change it according to new global or local regulations or after their own wishes.

BM330 is ready to be connected to a local network for transferring registration and collection data to a central host computer, so called “On-line registration”.

This will minimize the risk of exchanging blood bags and offers new possibilities to speed up and improve the succeeding analyse and treatment of the blood.

BM330 is powered by a mains adaptor or an internal rechargeable battery and can also be used in a conventional way in mobile collection units with or without barcode-reader for data registration.

If BM330 is not used “On-line”, collected and registrated data for 100-1000 donations can be stored and later transferred to a PC or host computer.

– Network connection for “On-line” registration

– Data registration with barcode reader (optional)

– Homogeneous mixing of blood and anticoagulant
with a well tested mixing procedure

– Suitable for all blood bags on the market

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